OF Division Update

Hello all!  We would like to inform you that our OF judge, Lorrie Franz, will be having a brief meeting with all OF division participants prior to classes starting on the morning of April 1st.  This is to ensure all NAMHSA rules are being followed and to ensure that all participants are on the same page regarding where horses should be placed in order to be judged accordingly.

Thank you for your patience regarding this issue, and we are looking forward to a fun and fair show!  Best of luck preparing for this Saturday!



Filled Show!

Hello all!  We are blown away by the fact that all spots have been filled for the April 1st show!  Thank you everyone for your support!  We have started a waiting list for those who may still be interested, in the event of any last minute cancellations.  Please email the team at sruwesternequestrian@gmail.com if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.  And the team will be actively searching for a larger show hall for the Fall 2017 show!

We are in the midst of ordering prizes, securing concession stand items, and getting organized for the show, which is only two weeks away!  Don’t forget to consider bringing some nonperishable food items for our “SRU CAN Help Food Drive,” and best of luck in preparing for the show!


Final Judges List

Hello all!  The show is just two weeks away, and we are posting a revised final judges list for your information:

  • Lorrie Franz – Original Finish & Custom
  • Mary Lineman – Collectability
  • Kelly Weimer – Artist Resin
  • Karen Dietrich – Performance

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on April 1st!  Don’t forget to consider bringing a few nonperishable food items to the show for our SRU CAN Help Food Drive!


SRU CAN Help Food Drive

Hello all!

With the model horse show just a few short weeks away, the team is busy getting prepared to host another great fundraiser event.  We can’t wait to see everyone on April 1st!  And we have another project we would like to share with you all.  The SRU Western Equestrian Team is organizing a national food drive to support our local communities, and we are asking for your help!

The brainchild of our very own Aubrey Braham, Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association 2017 Queen and newly elected SRU Co-Captain, the SRU CAN Help Food Drive is a challenge from our team to all Intercollegiate Horse Show Association teams that hopes to give back to our communities via local food banks.  We recognize and appreciate the communities that have supported us in all of our academic and equestrian endeavors, and we want to donate our time and resources in order to help those around usru-can-help-flyers.

Braham implemented the initial challenge project in November 2014 within the American Quarter Horse Youth Association, and now we are working to bring the drive to the IHSA community.  Whichever IHSA team collects the most nonperishable food items between now and May 1st, and documents their donations to local food banks via selfies and #SRUCANhelp, will win a trophy donated by the SRU team and presented at the IHSA National Show at the Kentucky Horse Park in May 2017.

Community service is something that our team holds as a strong core value, and we are kindly asking for your support in this new project.  If you are attending the April 1st model horse show and would like to donate a few nonperishable food items to our team, we would be greatly appreciative.  All donated items will be given to the Grove City Community Food Pantry and distributed to local families in need.

The progress of the SRU CAN Help Food Drive can be seen on the event’s Facebook page and can also be tracked on Instagram using #SRUCANhelp.  We thank you all for your continued support of our team, and wish everyone the best of luck in preparing for the upcoming model show!